Leopard Conservation Project
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What is the Leopard Conservation Project?

Helping South Africa's leopards

The Leopard Conservation Project was established in 2000, and was registered as a non-profit, section 21 company in 2007. The primary focus of the project has been to protect leopard from poaching, poisoning, trapping and over-hunting. In recent years however, the focus has shifted to include the collection of data on population and territory size as well as the genetic relatedness and diversity of leopards within different regions of the country.

Leopard Conservation Project has three areas of focus:
  • Protection
  • Research
  • Education
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Leopard Census

What we are trying to establish

  • Population and territory sizes in specific regions
  • Photographic database of individuals
  • Prey preference in specific areas
  • Infant growth and mortality rates
  • Male to female ratios in specific areas
  • Mature to sub-adult ratios

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